13 Years in Business

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This August 2017 marks the beginning of Pet Sitting at Weston’s year-long celebration leading up to its anniversary of thirteen years of service to pet owners and their pets.

Oswaldo Cuadros and Amarilis Perez-Cuadros, owners of Pet Sitting at Weston, take this opportunity to extend a sincere thank you to the more than 820 valued customers who have supported and requested the company’s personalized in-home pet care services over the past twelve-years.

Pet Sitting at Weston provides reliable service and is on call at all times. The company is Insured, Bonded and a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. Pet owners can confidently leave their pets home, knowing that Pet Sitting at Weston has the credentials to provide their pets the love and care they deserve.

Since the small, family-owned business was founded in August 2005, Pet Sitting at Weston has grown and established bonds with hundreds of families’ pets. The professional pet sitters have made over 70000 visits to feed, walk, play and care for more than 1600 domestic pets.

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